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#1951 fixed datepicker: missing a few semi-colons so packing causes errors zelph

There are semi-colons missing in two places that I found that make it so you can not pack this script.

First is around line 805 at the end of the checkLiteral function.

Second is around line 851 after var date = new Date(year, month - 1, day)

#7037 worksforme Dialogs are very slow with complex contents zeke zeke

It takes about 1.4 second (Firefox on quad core intel cpu, 2.4Ghz, 4G memory) to open the dialog (dialog contents is here:

So, my suggestion: if dialog height and width are not set to "auto", it's more faster to size and position dialog first and then put contents to it.

#3568 fixed Drag is jumping with scrollbar paul zeguizmo

Using IE, FF, Chrome, Opera... if there is a vertical scroll bar and I am not at the top of the page, the draggable function does not work properly and it jumps upward the same amount of height as the scroll height.

Here is a video showing the bug in action :

In the first part I use the .draggable() function with the scrollbar at the top of the page, it works perfectly, and in the second part I show you the bug.

I use the latest version of jQuery and the latest ui.draggable package. (not the dialog, just draggable)

I hope to hear from you soon because I can't fix it alone,

Thanks a lot,


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