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#5630 invalid datepicker maskedinput bug frabiacca frabiacca

hi there, i'm using datepicker (jquery-ui 1.8rc1) with masked input jquery plugin (1.2.2) and jquery 1.4.1.

Everything works fine until i insert a date by choosing it on the calendar and then i try to modify it manually. Actually, it happens that the date disappear forcing user to write it again.

#5646 invalid GoogleChrome errorpage by open the datepicker x-f x-f

# Google Chrome or Iron
# only windows -> not under linux chronium

Configuration: $(function() {


changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true,
dateFormat: '',
yearRange: '1900:2000',
duration: 'fast'



Test results: The problem is not always, it are linked with changeMonth: true, changeYear: true, yearRange: '1900:2000' Most problems changeMonth: true

In attachment is the error page "Oh no! Error by display the website. Click on "reload" or change to a other site."

Link for more informations go to

But it's on different systems and versions. I have this problem on different projects.

#5648 invalid Dialog: [IE] Modal dialog's overlay in small RTL documents creates scrollbars Slick Slick

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a small RTL document (i.e. a few lines).
  • Open a modal dialog.

Notice that the overlay creates vertical scrollbar in the page.
Tested with IE8 standart & Quirks.

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