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#10438 duplicate Resizable: containment on resizable not in the top-left corner Akatsukle

Here is the fiddle :

The containment option doesn't work as expected when the resizable elem is not initially located in the top left corner. In the fiddle, you can see that you can't resize the fiddle toward the top or the left. You can also resize outside the div, but in the limit of the distance to the top-left corner of the container. Here in the example, you cannot got to the right more than 100px and to the bottom for more than 150px.

I've encountered this bug with 1.11.0 and 1.10.4. I haven't tried the previous versions.

#9323 notabug Cant tab past a disabled slider AlanHeath AlanHeath

Create a page with an input then a slider then another input. Disable the slider by calling the disable method. Set focus in the first input. Then click the tab key. Focus gets losts.

The problem seems to be that the <a> does not have tabindex=-1 to prevent focus going to the link.

#7933 wontfix slider: snapping of value to floor/ceil rather than always nearest step AlanKrueger

Should there be an option that allows snapping a value to floor or ceil rather than whichever is closer?

For instance, say you have a text input and slider tied together, representing a maximum bid, with the slider set to $10 steps. If the user enters $55, this would result in the slider jumping to $60. This is greater than the maximum amount the user just entered, and seems like incorrect behavior.

If, however, there was an option to specify, say, stepType="floor" (rather than hypothetical default, stepType="round"), then the control would snap to the nearest lower value instead of the closest of the upper and lower.

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