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#5656 invalid peculiarity with right-aligned sortable items fajeuqwrhf fajeuqwrhf

When assigning Sortable to a list of horizontal right-aligned items (by "float: right" or by "direction:rtl"), it does not work as expected and react strangely to the user's actions.

For example, go to here: and change the css to #sortable li { float: right; }

#5728 invalid IE7/8 Datepicker returns you to the top of a page ajacksified ajacksified

I have a datepicker in a dialog, and if I'm scrolled down in the window, open that dialog, and pick a date in IE7 and 8, I am returned to the top of the screen (the url being current + "#").

I can fix this by running:

$(".ui-datepicker-calendar a").live("click",function(event){ event.preventDefault(); })

I would suggest the datepicker date links preventDefault by default.

#5751 invalid datePicker 1.82 & 1.73 in safari 4/x -5.x/Flash 10.1 shifts all flash content on page left when initialized frostywd frostywd

This is very specific but after installing Flash 10.1 I see that a flash menu and picture gallery shift and jump to the left about 6-10 pixels in my case. Interestingly enough, clicking on the date field (causing the calendar to appear) puts everything back into it's place until the page is reloaded.

I've tracked the problem to one css field in the core.css:

.ui-helper-hidden-accessible { position: absolute; left: -99999999px; }

Commenting the above out fixes everything.

To verify it was only the datePicker, I comment out the function that initialized the dateField and the problem disappeared.

To be clear, this is only with Flash 10.1 & Safari on a Mac. Chrome and FF on the mac with the same 10.1 plugin work fine.

I've tried the webkit nightly build and the problem is still there.

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