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#14375 fixed jquery-ui "requirable" as CJS module G-rom G-rom


Tools like webpack (or browserify, or ...) allow us to use a great range of module syntax (AMD, CJS, global, event ES6 with babel-loader) but

1/ jquery-ui is not up to date on npm see #11101 2/ jquery-ui package.json is not correct and it's missing a "main" section, i.e. "main": "./ui/core.js" or an "index.js" file / module at the root. With this fixed, jquery-ui cannot be required inside a project using modern project builder.

Would appreciate an update of package.json, at least #11101 can be by-passed by using github tarball url, but this one cannot by passed without a fork.

#10716 invalid Losing format during values change Gnorro Gnorro


If you have a max value bigger than 999, at first it is correctly formatted (for example 1.000).

If you change the values, then it lose number format and become 1000


#9429 notabug UI Dialog can hide in Safari HMoellendorf HMoellendorf

Hi guys,

I've implemented the ui.dialog on a website and tested it with IE7-10, Mozilla Firefox 22.0, Chrome (newest one) and last but not least Safari (newest one).

In all browsers, the dialog works correct but not really in Safari. I am using the dialog in the modal version and when I click beneath the dialog, the dialog hides, the grey overlay stays on page.

So the customer cannot go further on the website.

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