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#2155 worksforme Range select and disabled dates grabanski Albi

When I disable some date by beforeShowDay, it's still possible to select that date when rangeSelect is set to true.

#15152 fixed Selectmenu: incorrect 'remove' event handler management for selectmenu button Scott González AlexShinkin

Might be related to #15078

When a selectmenu is initialised , an internally used <span> section is created that contain button , icon and text.

Each of the components has a set of event listeners .

The bug is - after any activity on a selectmenu ( such as selecting options, just clicking on the menu button a few times, calling .selectmenu("refresh") ) a bunch of 'remove' event handlers gets added to the the selectmenu button.

Looks like the number of the added handlers is equal to the number of menu options. I.e. if a selectmenu has 10 options , clicking on a menu 3 times adds 30 identical handlers to the menu button.

Observed with jQueryUI 1.12.1 and jQuery 1.12.4 and 3.1.1

Easy to reproduce - just load an example page ( like ) , click the selectmenu button a few times , then inspect the button event handlers list .

May ( and most likely does ) cause general slow downs due to memory/cpu starvation.

Regards, Alex

#7998 wontfix Allow event name in dialog buttons "click" AlexW

Allow the use of an event name in the click property.

$('#dialog') .bind('dialogevent', function() {}) .dialog({

buttons: [

{text: 'Button', click: 'event'}



instead of needing to do,

{text: 'Button', click: function() { $(this).trigger('dialogevent'); }}

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