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#5788 invalid UI Datepicker .dialog(..) with custom position throws error in MSIE. [email protected] [email protected]

When calling $.dialog(...) with using an Event object as "pos" parameter throws an "Invalid argument" JavaScript error in MSIE (7+). It works when passing an x,y array though.

#5823 invalid onChangeMonthYear not working properly with minDate and maxDate remington remington

onChangeMonthYear recives the wrong date when working with a restricted date range.

This only happens when you switch the year(selecting it from the drop-down list) and the selected month is out of the datepickers range (in the year you selected).

onChangeMonthYear recives as paraeters the newly selected year and the selected month (the date isn't in the allowed range). The datepicker displays a different month (the first or last within the alowed range)

#5843 invalid Datepicker: stays open if you tab out quickly [email protected] [email protected]

A solution (for tabbing only, mouse click is less of a problem):

Add this code:

else if (event.keyCode == 9) {
// tab out while animating in
handled = false;


_doKeyDown: function(event) {
break; // +1 week on ctrl or command +down
default: handled = false;
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
else if (event.keyCode == 36 && event.ctrlKey) // display the date picker on ctrl+home
else {

And in: _hideDatepicker: function(input) {

Comment out:

if (this._datepickerShowing) {

and the closing }

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