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#4218 invalid using draggable after animate in ems not working inside elements with overflow scroll Sam Hasler Sam Hasler

After animating an elements position in ems - doing something like .animate({"left": "-=10em"}, 100) - dragging the element using ui.draggable makes it jump from under the cursor to somewhere near it's starting position if it is inside an element with the css property overflow: scroll.

See for an example.

(If you see a smearing artefact while dragging I've already reported it on irc://freenode/firefox and I believe a someone has filed a bug.)

#9653 duplicate user agent :focus style breaks tab metaphor schrotie

At least in Firefox and Chromium clicking a tab gives it :focus and the user agent style creates an outline for this. Thus a freshly selected Tab has a line around it and implicitly - and most importantly - below it. This breaks the tab metaphor which only works flawlessly, when there is no separator between the active tab and the respective content area. This CSS snippet fixes the problem:

.ui-tabs-active.ui-state-focus, .ui-tabs-active.ui-state-focus * {outline: none 0;}

#7797 duplicate use iframe for navegate ppkrauss

It is so ease for user (a programmer that is using jQuery-UI) point a URL to navigate, like a "help hypertext", into the modal dialog.

Note: See TracQuery for help on using queries.