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#1713 notabug ui.tabs.js is insert class "ui-tabs-nav" automatic winggundamth

ui.tabs.js insert class "ui-tabs-nav" automatic in $j('#pages-nav').tabs(); selector tag but I don't want to because sometime people want to customize thier theme manually.

#1715 worksforme Problem with JQueryUI dialog rdworth popeztl

I created a dialog by using newest JQueryUI. In the dialog, I tried to create a tab. It didn't show correct at all.

And also, I put some dragable elements in the dialog, when I drag it out of the dialog and place it outside, the position was not correct. I think that is because the oDrag position is reading the position from dialog, not the elements inside.

#1716 fixed Resizable helper is added to this.options.modifyThese on every drag-start. c_t

I just realized that the resize-helper is added to the this.options.modifyThese array on every drag-start. I think from the performance point of view that's not good since the drag-function loops through this array and re-sets css-properties on drag. I see no use of setting the css property of the helper multiple times... Furthermore performance decreases with every additional resize...

My solution is to replace



			if ( this.options.modifyThese.length == 0 || !this.options.modifyThese[this.options.modifyThese.length-1][0].is('.ui-resizable') ) {

in ui.resizables.js in the start-method.

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