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#15164 duplicate controlgroup bug in dialog AlgirdasR

When controlgroup is in a dialog, it is given an incorrect background-position css property because of .ui-widget-content class. In result an icon is shown inside a radio button despite it having a '.ui-icon-blank' class.

Here is a simple demo I've made:

Steps to reproduce: 1) Click on "ligthness" in both controlgroups.

#6041 notabug Change events occur too late due to setTimeout Alien003

I was having problems with the auto-complete and ajax requests on my application.

I have a search button that uses a Ajax request to update the page. To replicate the problem I write the complete/correct text on the auto-complete input and instead of clicking the menu I click the button.

Both the focus and the change events are triggered after the Click event of the button occurs ..and that is kinda too late.

I tracked this problem to the following code:

self.closing = setTimeout(function() {

self.close( event ); self._change( event );

}, 150 );

Is it really necessary to have the _change delayed? It works perfectly if I just leave the close there and do the change right away.

#8253 duplicate Wrong dialog closes on pressing esc twice on multiple modal dialogs AllanKnox

If multiple modal dialogs are opened, the close-order on pressing the escape-key is wrong.


=> at start: Dialog 1 opens

  • click "open Dialog 2"

=> Dialog 2 opens

  • click "open Dialog 3"

=> Dialog 3 opens

  • press escape-key

=> Dialog 3 closes

  • on Chrome, Opera and Safari: click at the grayed area outside the dialogs (this step is optional in FF and IE)

=> nothing visible happens

  • press escape-key again

=> Dialog 1 closes

Tested on FF11, IE9, Opera 11.62, Safari 5.1.1 and Chrome 18 (all on Win 7). The bug exists at least since 1.8.17 (probably older)

I haven´t managed to get a workaround by using .dialog( "moveToTop" ) at Dialog 2 after closing Dialog 3. Triggering .focus() didn´t work as well.

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