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#5977 invalid jQuery UI Sorting Freezes WYSIWYG Editors PF1 PF1

When using the jQuery UI "Sortable" feature with WYSIWYG text editors, the moved text editor freezes and doesn't allow any editing. I have attached a page that demonstrates the problem with a CKEditor, but the bug can be demonstrated in all of the WYSIWYG editors I tested.

#6014 invalid datepicker ui popup moves on window resize Nicholas Llewellyn Nicholas Llewellyn

Seen on

Test: Popup datepicker, resize window, popup moves relative to the window not the content.

Response: I have seen that the 'page scolling issue' has been fixed by hiding the datepicker on scroll, maybe code can be added to hide the datepicker on viewport resize too?

#6050 invalid Additional null check on _drop JonKragh JonKragh


I have an app where droppable items are added dynamically via ajax. My droppable item's html is returned from the server, and then I register them as droppable via jQuery UI once they are added to the DOM.

Sometimes when these items are dropped in Firefox 3.6.9 (especially when dragging upwards and then dropping I get: "inst is null" on line 1736. (the code is in "ui.droppable")

I'm using jQuery UI 1.8, but I tried 1.8.4 and had the same issue.

I added the following check for null "inst!=null &&", under the comment " jhk".

Once I added this, all is well, and drop is working properly.

_drop: function(event,custom) {

		var draggable = custom || $.ui.ddmanager.current;
		if (!draggable || (draggable.currentItem || draggable.element)[0] == this.element[0]) return false; // Bail if draggable and droppable are same element
		var childrenIntersection = false;
		this.element.find(":data(droppable)").not(".ui-draggable-dragging").each(function() {
			var inst = $.data(this, 'droppable');
                // jhk - added "inst!=null &&"
                inst!=null &&
				&& !inst.options.disabled
				&& inst.options.scope == draggable.options.scope
				&&[0], (draggable.currentItem || draggable.element))
				&& $.ui.intersect(draggable, $.extend(inst, { offset: inst.element.offset() }), inst.options.tolerance)
			) { childrenIntersection = true; return false; }

I have not tried other browsers.

Thanks, Jon

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