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#10741 wontfix use github issues please Bert

its so much easier and consistent with other jquery org repos always crashes for me gitub issues don't

Thanks Bert

#6760 notabug use effect throws unlimited errors adam88 adam88

I have downloaded the newest version of jQuery (1.4.4) and jQuery UI (1.8.7) and I've got enormous count of this same error:

setting a property that has only a getter:


jquery....min.js (row 164)

when I've got jQuery 1.4.2 and jQueryUI 1.8.6 I didn't have such an error...

It's happen when this code is evaluated:

$('#trash img').droppable({
		over: function() {
			$obj = $('#trash img');
			$obj.effect('fade', {}, 10);
#3814 notabug usage of alert() in draggable.start callback makes it called continuously instead of once in FireFox grigori

$("#element").draggable({ start: function(){alert ('Start!')} })

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