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#1825 fixed dialog - draggable title bar appears outside of clicable window ThrushAAX

problem: If the height of a dialog box is larger than the height of the browser window the dialog box will still center vertically causing the dragable title bar and close box to be above the viewable window space and inaccessible.

solution: Limit the top position of a dialog box to 0. Browser windows scrol downwards, not upwards.

Potential code fix within the function in ui.dialog.js would be to add around line 124:

if( top < 0)
    top = 0;
#1828 fixed A remote tab added with tabsAdd doesn't remove spinner message after click klaus klaus

Add a new tab like:

$('#maintab ul').tabsAdd('boys.html', 'Chat')

Click on any of existing tabs - the tab title will be permanently overwritten with 'Loading...'

#1832 fixed Screenshot on is way too large paul Robin

Not sure if this was intentional or not but the screenshot on the homepage is way larger than needed and being resized in the browser. At the moment it's 452kb; resizing to the correct size and pushing it through OptiPNG gets it down to 90kb. See attached...

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