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#9898 fixed $.support.offsetFractions is always `false` if jquery.ui.position is included outside the head mattbasta

Please see

jquery.ui.position will only set offsetFractions to true if the code is executed in the <head> tag and the <script> that it's included with is not async or defer. This happens because there are two possible flows in jquery.ui.position: the first is used if a <body> exists, and the second if <body> does not.

When a <body> does not exist, a body element is created and injected into the DOM. In this case, the element that's used as part of the test has an offset that's expected (between 10 and 11).

When a <body> does exist, a <div> is created and injected into the DOM. This element is given an offset of -1000,-1000, which causes the test element's offset to be ~-989, which will never be in the expected range, and the test always fails.

Because of this bug, positions will always be rounded to the nearest integer for any site that does not include jquery.ui.position as a non-async, non-defer <script> in the head.

#10666 invalid $.ui.ddmanager.current not released on droppable _destroy eshcharc eshcharc

In the days of client side frameworks and SPAs, considerations need to be made regarding client side page switch and optimizations and cleaning of assets.

When we examined and profiled our SPA on a page switch scenario, we've noticed that a jQuery-UI plugin is holding a whole element tree. A further examination led us to a droppable and the "global" $.ui.ddmanager.current.

It seems that when a droppable is being destryed via _destroy, $.ui.ddmanager.current which is linked to this droppable, is not taken care of and keep a reference to the droppable and all of its tree elements. When a client side framework is involved, that makes it worse.

That can quite easily be treated.

#4898 fixed $.ui.dialog.overlay: Too many events disabled mkemmerling

The $.ui.dialog.overlay widget disables events on base of the event target's parent '.ui-dialog' element's z-index. This will also disable key events whose target happen to be the '.ui-dialog' itself, i.e copying with <CTL>-C. This can easily be verified with the modal dialog demo on the jQuery UI website.

Explicitely including the '.ui-dialog' element as possible event target fixes the problem. The attached ui.dialog.js patch adds .andSelf() at the approbiate position.

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