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#15179 fixed Widget can't be initialized with an option object that has no hasOwnProperty function Scott González Christoph Obexer

Initializing any widget like:

var options = Object.create(null);
options.label = 'Button Label';

throws an error like:

input[inputIndex].hasOwnProperty is not a function

Runnable example:,js,output Responsible code:

jQuery UI must not rely on hasOwnProperty of passed objects, but must instead use Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty to avoid this problem.

jQuery's own extend doesn't have this problem and the code below works:

var options = Object.create(null);
options.label = 'Button Label';
$('#button').button($.extend({}, options));
#15178 wontfix Feature request: Please provide localization for en-in locale in datepicker Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan

I have submitted a PR to jquery-rails, but they said that the localization fir jq-ui is to be done here. How can i submit a PR for the same?

The changes can be found here:

#15177 worksforme jQuery autocomplete example Mike Naunheim

In the example for autocomplete, at, the style link to jQuery is missing the https: at the beginning. Not the biggest deal, but in case someone is doing a copy paste of the example code it will not work as shown.

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