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#3713 fixed height option for dialog filamentgroup

In general, the dialog seems to open to a set height of ~250px by default which is somewhat unexpected and is too tall for an average confirmation/message but too small for a form. It would be more useful if it auto fit the content length and had a maxHeight default set to something reasonable like 400px so it would fit on an average 1024x768 screen without scrolling. It's a pain/dangerous to have to set an explicit height every time.

This should behave like a normal block element that expands to the content as much as possible. I get worried about setting a fixed pixel height because font sizes and content lengths could very and you really want to avoid scrollbars on dialogs as much as possible.

#3715 wontfix draggable: cursorAt could use an animation rdworth

when you start dragging a draggable with the cursorAt option set, the draggable jumps to the position that puts the cursor in the right place. It would be nice if this were animated.

#3717 fixed Slider: Incorrect event types for callbacks Scott González

The events are currently sliderstart, sliderslide, sliderstop, sliderchange. They should slidestart, slide, slidestop, slidechange.

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