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#5338 fixed autocomplete combobox look weird in opera 10.50 yurivecchi

auto-complete with combo-box have a gap between the input field and the button in opera 10.50.

not tested on below versions.

#8430 fixed draggable with sortable makes sortable event "receive" triggered wrong yuan yuan

When draggable element connect with sortable element, the bug may appear, the event for receive of sortable may be triggered twice, one stand for "fromOutside", one not.

How to repoduce:

First, drag one draggable element to sortable container, drag it into container(name it "C"), then put it back. Now, if you drag one element from container "C" to another sortable container. Then you could find the event "receive" trigged twice.

Test case:

#8478 notabug Change event for autocomplete combobox does not work in firefox when using input method ytpbit ytpbit

When typing in autocomplete input box via input method(I'm using Chinese input method), but after I finish typing a word, the change event seems haven't been triggered, but it works well on all other browsers.

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