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#1737 wontfix $(foo).sliderMoveTo(dest, scale, changeslide, p) does not eval correctly paul pfm102

If I call sliderMoveTo(30, null, true) on a jQuery UI slider, the arguments are all contained within the first argument to the moveTo function; they are not individually assigned.

You can repro this by calling sliderMoveTo(1,2,true,4) from a FireBug console, where you've set a breakpoint on the first line of the ui.slider.js' moveTo function, then inspecting the parameters that are passed to the function. "value" will be [1,2,true,4]; the other three will be undefined.

#1738 notabug Documentation for UI pfm102

It would be fantastically useful if there were more, and better, documentation to the various parts of the UI library.

#1739 fixed ui slider - moveTo - parameter value is discarded paul pfm102

The p parameter to the function is discarded, because the identifier p is re-declared on the line reading var p = this.parentSize;

At any rate, I think that's how it works. This is a warning that Aptana (an HTML/CSS/JS cross-platform IDE from threw at me.

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