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#4027 invalid Selectable: On Mac OSX should be Command+Click and not Control+Click epascarello epascarello

The default nature for selecting multiple things on a MAC is to use Command+Click and not Control+Click. Control+Click is right click by default so it produces the context menu when making multiple selections. It is rather annoying when using this control.

#4123 invalid Problem dragabble/droppable ie link Optionen designerno1 designerno1

Hi there we have a problem we have a draggable that contains a link

<div class="dragdrop"><a class="buy_drag" href="somelink.html"><img src="somesrc" /></div></div>

the click is returned false but the drop execute that click or the

href and i don't know why

when the draggable is in the droppable and the mousebutton is released the href ist executed by it selfe don't know why

$('.buy_drag').live('click',function(){return false;});

$(".dragdrop").draggable({revert: 'invalid', helper:'clone'});

makes it draggable


accept: '.dragdrop', drop: function(ev, ui) {

do something



makes the droppable zone

firefox handels all right but if you drag the element in IE and put it on the droppable zone the link in the a href is executed

if i remove the helper:'clone' option it works.

or if i make an alert in the drop: function(){alert('fsd');}

if i remove the revert: 'invalid' the a href is executed even if the draggable isn't in droppable and the mousebutton is released

#4218 invalid using draggable after animate in ems not working inside elements with overflow scroll Sam Hasler Sam Hasler

After animating an elements position in ems - doing something like .animate({"left": "-=10em"}, 100) - dragging the element using ui.draggable makes it jump from under the cursor to somewhere near it's starting position if it is inside an element with the css property overflow: scroll.

See for an example.

(If you see a smearing artefact while dragging I've already reported it on irc://freenode/firefox and I believe a someone has filed a bug.)

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