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#14930 notabug zIndex not returning highest zIndex asc99c


I've noticed a problem with zIndex when using an autocomplete widget. I've got a 'popup' dialog which greys out the page background, which leads to some (potentially unusual) z-Index usage to make everything work nicely.

The grey overlay is at zIndex 4, while the element with the autocomplete added has a zIndex of 2 (there was a reason for this that someone explained to me!), but it's a child of an element with zIndex 5, so it appears on top of the overlay.

However the auto-complete widget uses zIndex() + 1 of it's direct target, which returns 3, and then displays under the grey overlay.

I've got a workaround by using the open() event to fix the zIndex, but I'm wondering is this something that the core zIndex function should do? (Or is my zIndex usage too weird to contemplate!)

My zIndex fix is just taking the maximum of the parent tree and leaves the autocomplete widget displayed with zIndex 6:

  fixAutoSuggestZIndex: function(event, ui) {
    var target = $(;
    var widget = target.autocomplete("widget");
    var maxz = target.zIndex();

    while( target.length && target[0] !== document )
      var z = target.zIndex();
      if( z > maxz )
        maxz = z;

      target = target.parent();
    widget.zIndex(maxz + 1);
#2443 notabug zIndex in draggable not implemented paul StrikerNL

A draggable helper is supposed to be able to have a zIndex defined, see Draggables Documentation.

This does not seem to be implemented, however. I fixed this (1 line) and created a patch against 1.5b to implement the zIndex config parameter.

See or attachment for patch.

#7763 wontfix zIndex > 999999 and modal = true "disables" checkboxes in FF sebeers

In FireFox only, combining modal = true with zIndex > 999999 virtually disables checkboxes appearing inside the dialog - i.e. they always return to their prior state when clicked.

Demo: (Note difference in change handler execution)

Occurs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 with FF versions 6.0.2 and 5.0.1

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