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#1635 fixed jQuery UI demo app uses unoptimised images paul Robin

Hi, I just ran a few of the images from the demo app through OptiPNG and crushed them a bit. For example, the main bg went down from 24kb to 17kb. I've attached some of them but it's probably worth including a compression session whenever images are exported.

bg.png: 24kb -> 17kb ui.png: 1739b -> 1571b left.png: 1768b -> 955b

#1636 notabug icky of jquery UI vs. interface elements paul florianb

I've noticed that jquery UI with the fisheye and the list sortable demos are a bit icky.

  • machine: Intel Core2 Duo 2.13 MHz, 2GB ram (1Gb free), Nvidia 5900 Ultra 256mb
  • operating system: ubuntu feisty (with desktop effects enabled)
  • browser: firefox


sortable nested list

#1639 fixed gallery advanced - minor bugs paul djot

- Hi, see attached screenshot...

left hand side: The album (category) box gets selected and shows an incorrect dottet selection when clicking on it.

content (picture) are: If the window is scolled down a litte bit, the hovering effect (showing magnified picture) does not work correctly due to incorrect positioning. Besides: Already fixed? Showing the thickbox was incorrect this morning - it was displayed 200px below the top.

right hand side: I have a blinking huge cursor besides the scrollbars, when clicking an image.

djot -

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