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#3931 worksforme jquery datepicker display problem in IE 6.0 11880

Hello, I am using:

(1) jQuery 1.2.6 and (2) jQuery UI 1.6rc4.

I have a display problem with jquery datepicker in IE 6.0.

I am working with a theme downloaded from The border of the datepicker pop-up is not cpmpletely shown in IE 6.0 (upper and left border are missing) and the background of the pop-up window is white (should be gray). FF and later versions of IE are showing the expected correct result.

I have set up a test page to demonstrate the problem:

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! Markus

#3055 wontfix hovering elements over other elements while sorting paul 15steps

While sorting, you can hover one element over another without the bottom element snapping out of the way. This demo is an example:

Being able to hover one element over another isn't the default behavior for similar sortable interfaces. In other sortable interfaces, moving an element into another's space almost immediately moves the other element out of the way, i.e. you can't as easily hover one tile over the other. For examples of other sortable interfaces:

#15233 notabug Selectmenu strips all options but the visible one Lothar Bongartz,

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce the following problem in a fiddle. On the page I use several selects. Quite often, I can't open up a selection. This happens out of the sudden and there is no certain way to reproduce it. The console doesn't show an error. When I inspect the element with the debugger, I can see, that the option-list contains the visible option only. For this reason, the dropdown list can't open - there are no other options to show. When this happens, all ui selects are affected. Even when I create a new selectmenu from scratch (within a new dialog), it comes with the problem right from the beginning.

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