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#1642 fixed DND droppables bugs rdworth djot

- Hi,

Bugs in DND droppables demo:

dnd_accept.gif: red is not accepted ... perhaps it should not be accepted, I don't know - so state that in the demo

dnd_greedy.gif: what is greedy? Both, the orange and purple demo accept the draggable in both the inner and outer dropbox - which is incorrect anyway. If greedy is what i think it should be only the purple demo should accept the draggable in both the inner and outer container (if dragged on the inner one)

dnd_fit.gif: The draggable is not accepted even it does more than fit in the dropzone already (to get this error try moving in the dropzone from all sides - TLRB ...)

dnd_intersect.gif: The draggable does intercept already, but is not recognized (to get this error try moving in the dropzone from all sides - TLRB ...)

dnd_touch.gif: The draggable is still outside the dropzone, but is accepted already!

djot -

#1652 fixed Interesting Click Event catching on "Selectables" codesquare jwise

What I was doing: I was browsing through your new UI library testing out all the new features and thinking about using them to replace my current implementation of prototype with

What happened: When using the Selectables Demo I ran into a problem. It wouldn't capture selection events starting outside of the selectable items. Normally I would think users would start a selection box outside of an item and then enclose that item and any others as they drag. I also noticed it wouldn't select an item when simply clicked (without a selection box). I read your documentation and noticed that this was the desired behavior, but I would recommend changing it to support a simple click.

Recommended Action:
1) Capture the click-selection events at a higher level in the click hierarchy possibly as high as the document level and then drill down to see what is being selected, or alternatively:
2) Create some type of buffer around the ul tags so that the clicking space will have a larger top and bottom area to start the selection event from. This could create issues with the selectable area taking up too much space in some designs, so it would need to be optional.

What I'm using (the issue occurred on all of these browsers): Mozilla Firefox (with a couple add-ons), IE 7.0.5730.11, Opera 9.23, and Safari 3.0.3 (522.15.5) on Windows XP Pro

#1656 fixed Sortable needs a callback function for when dragging stops paul grncoder

Currently the sortable has no documented way of calling a function when a sortable is updated.

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