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#15176 notabug Refresh method doesn't work properly if element or his parent is hidden Alexey Lobanov

Here is a code snippet

As you can see "ui-corner-left" and "ui-corner-right" classes are missed in label elements

#15174 notabug Minify theme images GSPP

I downloaded a custom theme based on ui-lightness. The images appear to be not minified:

I used an old version of ScriptPNG which compresses better than the newer versions. (I contacted the author. He is not interested in supporting the old stronger compression levels anymore.)

Just want to make you aware of this possible improvement.

#15173 notabug Support spaces instead of tabs in ThemeRoller GSPP

It would be useful to configure 4 spaces instead of tabs. Our project uses spaces. I believe that years ago jQuery UI used spaces as well. So far we avoided the big source control change to change the whitespace. This necessitates a manual fixup after download unfortunately. It would be convenient if ThemeRoller supported such an option.

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