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#6207 invalid jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.4 _mouseStop gets wrong left, top-values in safari tomcatharry tomcatharry

jQuery UI Resizable 1.8.4

in safari 5.0.1 (windows xp) the getter self.element.css('left') returns 'auto' and then NaN with parseInt.

In consequence left and top is null and the css-setting doesn't work.


_mouseStop: function(event) {

var s = { width: (self.size.width - soffsetw), height: (self.size.height - soffseth) },                          
    left = (parseInt(self.element.css('left'), 10) + (self.position.left - self.originalPosition.left)) || null, 
    top = (parseInt(self.element.css('top'), 10) + ( - || null;     

if (!o.animate)                                             
    this.element.css($.extend(s, { top: top, left: left }));

#6208 invalid Sortable: CSS Content Inside Drag LI aamirrajpoot aamirrajpoot

CSS #template3_headings > li:before


content: "\2022 ";


Now apply $("#template3_headings").sortable({OTHER OPTIONS});

If we drag and sort the item, it will not preserve its space. For now we are using an extra <span /> inside li to overcome this issue.

#6233 invalid DatePicker: i18n file for Ireland olliehaughey olliehaughey

The date format displayed by the datepicker for Ireland is wrong. The default settings (US) are used. This gives the wrong date format (mm/dd/yyyy) for users whose language is set to "English (Ireland) [en-IE]" The date format should be the same as the UK (dd/mm/yyyy).

Copy the file "jquery.ui.datepicker-en-GB.js" and rename the copy to "jquery.ui.datepicker-en-IE.js". Edit the new file and replace all "en-GB" with "en-IE"

Alternatively, as all English speaking countries, except the USA, use dd/mm/yyyy you could replace the defaults with the contents of “jquery.ui.datepicker-en-GB.js” and add a file called “jquery.ui.datepicker-en-US.js” for users in the US. See

Thanks to everyone for a great set of tools.

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