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#1743 wontfix Paginator Module RyanZec

One area i think jQuery is lacking is in the pagination area. I have only found 1 pagination but all it does is page through divs that are hidden which is pretty limiting to me. I am in the process of designing and building a pagination plug-in for jQuery that will allow you to use Ajax to to pull data into that div you call the plug-in on. This is large designed for us of lists, for instance, say you have a CMS and you have 500 users. You don't wan to have to display all user as it might take a little time. You could use a pagination class for a server side language like PHP. While PHP is an ok option, i think javascript is the best options for something like this. I also think this would be a great addition to the jQuery UI package. Let me know if you would be interested in look at this plug-in when it is does just email me as

[email protected]

#1749 fixed resizable grows too tall in IE when scrolled eduardo rworth

Steps to reproduce

In Internet Explorer

  1. Open
  2. Launch a dialog such as dialog-options-minHeight-40
  3. Resize taller with -s handle
  4. Close dialog
  5. Scroll page down a bit
  6. Repeat steps 2 and 3

Dialog size jumps extra vertically by page scroll amount

#1756 notabug Problems with Firefox 2.0 on Mac myselft

I tested your demos with Firefox 2.0 running on Mac OSX 10.4, and I found a few bugs:

  • Shadows don't work
  • In the advanced image gallery app, on the left bar icons do not appear
  • Sortables work badly: when sorting them, they float and do not stay ordered (I don't know how to explain it better: it's better if you try it by yourselves)
  • When using selectables, if you select an element then there's no way to unselect it.
  • Using resizable with textareas and images creates a lot of problems
  • Slider with steps don't work

I hope you'll manage to solve these problems soon: I'm very interested in jQuery UI, and I'd like to use it on some projects.

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