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#5592 notabug Datepicker doesn't work in IE 7 after copy Elements with cloneNode(true); Andron

I have copy some elements with HTMLObject method cloneNode(true);. One from copied subelements was a datepicker. In FF after copy all datepickers have differents jQuery-Numbers and datepickers does work. In IE 7 have alle copied datepickers equal jQuery-Number to the jQuery-Number form the original element.

#12741 notabug JqueryUI Combobox not consistent with native browser version when using keyboard up/down keys AndyOfEngland


I have had a bug raised to me regarding the keyboard functionality of the combobox.

A native browser select list works in such a way that when an item is not selected, upon mousing down into the control, the top item is highlighted and subsequent keydowns move down the option list. When an item IS selected and the user presses the down key, that is the initial item and subsequent key presses start from that point.

The JQuery enhanced version however always starts from the first item in the list.

In the above fiddle, upon focusing into it, the keyboard (correctly) starts at the top of the list. Selecting an item, blurring away from the field and then back into it however does not function "as expected". What (I believe) should happen is that the item matching the selected in the base HTML control should be where the keyboard focus starts from.

In terms of my specific needs, ideally it would be in 2 parts - a single changeset that I can reflect in my local code (so as to get it working) and, a patch for a future update to the control.

If the above description isn't good enough, please let me know and I'll update accordingly.


#7446 notabug Corner Dialog hide below FlowPlayer version 3.2.7 AndyTran AndyTran

When I use dialog to leave a comment for video, When dialog appear on area of FlowPlayer which is running a video, the corner of dialog hide.

How to fix it?

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