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#1846 fixed Tabs - Clicking 3 AJAX tabs causes 2 to remain visible klaus hiro

With Tabs, if I add three new AJAX tabs and then very quickly click on all of them in order. The final result is two tabs' contents remaining visible.

My workaround for this is to add the following to my $.tabs() arguments:

load: function(loaded_tab, loaded_content) {

var full_tab_id = loaded_tab.href.split('#')[1];

Hide all other tabs $('.ui-tabs-panel:not(#'+full_tab_id+')').addClass('ui-tabs-hide');


It would be neat if this was somehow baked in?

#1853 fixed Shadow displays incorrectly on absolute div. paul Rwhitbeck

In the attached file I have a floating div that I want a drop shadow. The problem is the drop shadow layers shows up underneath the div in a column.

#1857 fixed jQuery UI - Dragables - <select> menu cannot be scrolled. paul ajtrichards

I have been using a DIV with the dragable plugin. The div will move around fine.

However, within the DIV is a dropdown menu. I can select it and the options will appear. If I then try and us the arrows to scroll through the menu it doesnt allow it.

I can scroll through the menu using the arrow keys on the keyboard and the track wheel on the mouse.

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