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#15172 notabug Support a custom resource base path in ThemeRoller GSPP

My application has special needs. All path in the CSS must look like /resources/jQueryUI/ui-bg_glass_100_f6f6f6_1x400.png. It would be awesome if ThemeRoller supported that so that there is no need for a manual fixup after download.

#15171 notabug ThemeRoller seems to have issues with multiple open tabs GSPP

ThemeRoller behaves really weirdly in the presence of multiple open tabs.

  1. Open a tab, make a customization (border radius = 0).
  2. Ctrl-F5 to confirm the change was remembered (it was).
  3. Copy the URL to a new tab. Observe that the corner radius text box was reset to some other value (3px). But the page still looks like 0px.

Very hard and inconsistent to repro. I hope I got the steps right.

Related bug:

  1. Perform steps 1 and 2.
  2. Click download. On the download page click "design a custom theme". To go back. Observe, that the corner radius has been reset to 3px. Font family was reset for me as well (I had cleared it). Weight and size were remembered correctly.
#15170 fixed Helper/Item Intersection checking should not occur if the helper is not inside of a container Scott González A. Wells

It appears that the code that kicks off helper and item intersection checking engages even when the helper is outside of a container. Performance would be improved if the container intersection check is performed first in the _mouseDrag function and the currentContainer variable (potentially innermostContainer as well) is immediately set to null if no intersection is found. Scrolling and rearrangement of the placeholder via item loop can then be bypassed accordingly.

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