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#9110 notabug Tooltip Widget breaks in IE youngjl1 youngjl1

jQuery Version: 1.9.1

jQuery-UI Version: 1.9.2

Browser: IE8

OS: Windows

Steps to see what I'm talking about:

  1. Go here in chrome:
  2. Pull up Chrome Dev Tools -> Sources -> Open jquery-ui.js
  3. Add a break point on line 842 where it says
    • hasOptions = !$.isEmptyObject( options );
  4. Hover over where it says "Some text"
  5. The code should stop at the break point, check the value of options. It is true.

Now, according to the documention of $.isEmptyObject (

The argument should always be a plain JavaScript Object as other types of object (DOM elements, primitive strings/numbers, host objects) may not give consistent results across browsers.

The boolean value of true is definitely not a plain JS Object and this actually does cause issues in IE. To see:

  1. Go to in Internet Explorer 8
  2. Pull up dev tools
  3. Switch Browser Mode to "IE8 Compat View"
  4. Switch Document Mode to "IE7 Standards"
  5. Switch to Script tab
  6. run the following script: true.toJSON()

running that script returns true because for some unknown reason the boolean value true has a method associated with it. In this weird case calling $.isEmptyObject(true) will actually return false when for any other browser it would return true, and in this case the widget will break.

Sorry I was unable to give straight-forward directions to reproduce this. This is the first time I've logged a jquery bug.

#9378 duplicate jQuery UI Dialog incompatible with TinyMCE 4 youeyesee

I originally posted this on the TinyMCE bug tracker, but they are claiming it's a jQuery UI problem. Here is the link to the bug on the TinyMCE bug tracker site: There the claim is made: "jQuery UI [is] binding some form of event blocker on everything within it".

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put a TinyMCE Version 4 with the Link plugin inside of a JQuery UI dialog.
  2. Try to add a hyperlink, or remove an existing hyperlink.
  3. Notice that you can't set focus to the textbox in the Link popup.

Take a link at the fiddle example I created:

Reproduced with Firefox, Chrome and Safari on a Mac.

On IE you can type in the box but you can't create an hyperlink using selected text because it deselects the text when the popup opens. Also, because of that reason you can't use it to remove a link.

#4696 wontfix Bug with revert and grid : the element goes back to a bad position yotsumi

I have find a bug on the ui.draggable component which appears when i use the options grid and revert.

When you move the draggable element, the first time it goes back to its initial position, but after, he goes back to a bad position ( a little gap ).

I see it on Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.1, IE8, IE7 ...

See the example below

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