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#9195 notabug undocumented hack used in example penguin_brian penguin_brian


.data( "ui-autocomplete" )._renderItem

However this is not documented anywhere on the API documentation page:

And as such, looks like an undocumented hack. It should be possible to override the renderItem functionality through a parameter to .autocomplete().

This also means it would be possible to configure this at a much more convenient time during the load cycle. At the moment it doesn't appear possible to access .data( "ui-autocomplete" ) until after the element has been added to the document which can be inconvenient.


#4541 duplicate undocumented feature: disableSelection Jörn Zaefferer

See source of sortable demo:

It uses the disableSelection plugin, provided by ui.core.js, documented nowhere. That was added in r2166.

That needs either be part of sortable itself, therefore removing the need for the user to call it, or be properly documented, both as a standalone feature of ui.core.js as well as its relevance for sortable.

Related ticket: #4429

#4956 fixed undefined variable: lookAhead() david.brooks

Undefined variable: lookAhead (function)

Lines 1115 and 1127 (_possibleChars) in ui.datepicker.js

lookAhead appears to be a local variable to the formatDate function.

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