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#7461 duplicate checkbox button fails at retrieving elements when id contains ':' charracter Ankhterus

When id of an input element contains ':' character, ui.button works for standards buttons, but fails with checkbox buttons when retriving label elements.

See jsfiddle link for example. (tested with 1.8.13 and 1.9pre master branch)

#3059 fixed cannot select text in dialog content rdworth Anomaly

When the ui.draggable or ui.resizable files are included, along with ui.dialog.js (whether or not the dialog is made draggable or resizable) text selection in the content of the dialog is disabled. It should be enabled.

#3216 wontfix Problems with inner div with scrolls bar in dialogs with Opera 9.5x Scott González Anomaly


When the dialog is moved, resized, clicked on, opened again after being closed, the inner div is always and automatically scrolled back to line 1

  • This bug is limited to Opera 9.5x (any OS) and does not occur for Opera 9.27 nor any other browsers

Live test page :

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