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#1865 fixed slider curValue ignores minValue paul nostrademons

With this test case:

<div id = "slider" class = "ui-slider-1">
<div id = "sliderThumb" class = "ui-slider-handle"></div>
<input id = "sliderVal" size = "4"/>
<script type = "text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
        minValue: 20,
        maxValue: 40,
        slide: function(e, ui) {

The values assigned to the text field range from 0 to 20 instead of 20 to 40.

#1875 fixed UI_Sortable - update callback is not called dubhunter

I looked in the ui.sortable.js file and found that the call to it was commented out on line 186 (in my file). When I uncommented it, errors spewed (prob why it was commented).

After playing with it for a couple hours, I think I fixed it by commented out the $(self.helper).remove(); line (178).

All seems to work now in FF.

Hope this helps....

I will attach the source for a diff....

#1876 fixed ui.dialog.js - Dialog Positioning Improvement rdworth ALLPRO

The current code for positioning a dialog window does not work if the dialog source DIV is 'hidden', which is likely to be a common way of using the dialog component. (I put my dialogs inside a hidden container div.) The problem is that you cannot 'measure' a div that is not displayed. This prevents the proper positioning of the dialog, such as 'center'.

There is a very simple solution - set...

display: block; visibility: hidden

...before measuring width and height. This allows dimensions to be taken without making the DIV visible.

Here is the modified 'open' code - only the first and last lines are new... = function() {
  uiDialog.appendTo('body')'''.css({ visibility: 'hidden' })'''.show();
  var wnd = $(window), top = 0, left = 0;
  switch (options.position) {
    case 'center':
      top = (wnd.height() / 2) - (uiDialog.height() / 2);
      left = (wnd.width() / 2) - (uiDialog.width() / 2);
    case 'left':
      top = (wnd.height() / 2) - (uiDialog.height() / 2);
      left = 0;
    case 'top':
      top = 0;
      left = (wnd.width() / 2) - (uiDialog.width() / 2);
  uiDialog.css({ top: top, left: left, visibility: 'visible'  });
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