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#15169 fixed Scrolling of a sortable container should stop on helper exit Scott González A. Wells

When a helper is dragged completely outside of a sortable container, scrolling of the container should cease.

#15168 fixed Incorrect ScrollParent is chosen when helper is not a child of the active container Scott González A. Wells

The scroll parent should be taken from the placeholder and not the helper since the helper may not be a DOM child of the active container. This is mostly in reference to the appendTo option but also applies to connecting container traversal.

#15167 fixed Sortable appendTo behavior doesn't match documentation Scott González A. Wells

The stated documentation for the ui.sortable appendTo option indicates that the helper is to be appended (as in DOM movement) to the target specified in the option. This is necessary in cases where there is multiple depths between connecting sortable containers from a common parent, there is zIndex interference, or the container has "overflow: hidden". Erratic behavior sometime occurs when the helper attempts to transfer from the original container to the connecting container and generally the sort fails if adverse conditions prevail.

It is noted that specifying a common parent container does not work unless it is the HTML node itself. In almost all cases it is necessary to set the helper option to "clone" in conjunction with an appendTo of "body" to gain working functionality:

This work around fails in many cases especially if scrolling containers are present.

There are several examples as fiddles in the SO links.

The sortable code should be corrected so that the appendTo behavior is as expected.

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