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#15184 fixed undefined labels Scott González Malcolm Blaney

calling labels() when the element doesn't exist causes an error. see:,output

#4918 notabug undefined error because of UI's droppable nicolas


we are currently having somewhat of a big issue when using UI's draggable and droppable features.

We have DIV's on the page that are .resizable() and .draggable(). This has always worked fine (we are able to move and resize all DIV's on the page).

Lately, we have added to some of those DIV's the .droppable() feature. Since then, bugs happen.

At initial load, everything is fine. It is possible to move and resize all DIV's, and those having the droppable() property are effectively used as drop-zones (in addition to being resizable and draggable).

After a postback, in which we alter the control tree and do some heavy AJAX duty, when trying to move a DIV that has the droppable() property, we get an unspecified error on the following line of code:

var G=this[0].getBoundingClientRect()

That is located in jquery-1.3.2.js, under the Sizzle CSS Selector Engine. We tried going back to jquery-1.6.2.js, and in that case, we get the unspecified error on another line:

offsetParent = elem.offsetParent

The error only happens after some AJAX is done, and only when trying to drag a DIV that has the droppable() property set. Trying to move any other DIV will not cause any error. Pushing F5 after we got the error, and then after trying to move a DIV that is set as droppable(), will not cause any error until heavy AJAX happens again.

There is something I have noticed, not sure if this can help, but this proves something is wrong somewhere in the CSS. When doing the AJAX thing that then causes the error to happen, I notice a CSS change on the DIV's that are set as droppable. The difference appears to be some transparency issue. See an example here:

before AJAX:
after AJAX:

Look at the right and bottom sides of the chart. Please note though, that this also happens when the droppable() is not set (thus no error happens at all), so it may totally unrelated. Also, this is not very important and does not require an immediate fix - I'm just showing this in case it may has something to do with our issue.

I have done some research and found that other people have similar problems, although it did not help us find a solution:

We are using IE8 (same behavior with IE8 and IE7 compatibility view) with Vista x64. Unfortunately, the application is really complex and AJAX heavy, so it is near to impossible to create a sample project reproducing the issue. It also won't run in Firefox or anything else than IE (8, for that matter).

Any help is appreciated.


#5180 duplicate uncaught exception: jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier jquery1.4 - jquery-ui-1.6 vramanu

I am getting "uncaught exception: jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier" when i click on the second tabs.The div structure is similar to the

The div structure is similar to

<div id="tabs">

<ul> <li><a href="#one"><span>Folders</span></a></li> <li><a href="#two"><span>Users and Groups</span></a></li> </ul>

<div id="one" > jsps used </div> <div id="two" > jsps used </div>


The id doesn't contain any special characters, and it follows the naming conventions of tabs.

Things are fine with jquery 1.3, i am using jquery 1.4.1 and jQuery UI Tabs 1.6. is jquery 1.4.1 compatible with jquery-ui-tab 1.6? when i used the jquery-ui-1.8b tab file,still the issue was there


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