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#15186 notabug Tooltip removes my <input name="title"> JorisDebonnet JorisDebonnet

JQuery UI Tooltip triggers on my <form> element. It does not even have a title attribute though, but it does have a name=title input, also accessible via element.title. So as Tooltip does its magic, at some point it empties/removes element.title, which removes my <input> element, never to be returned...

I actually migrated my whole application from a jQuery with .live and jQuery UI 1.10.4, to the most recent versions, to try and get rid of the problem (of course it was worth it anyway), but the issue is still there.

#14929 duplicate Iframe block JQuery resizable CAVALEIRO Julien CAVALEIRO Julien

Hi, I have configurable components inside one of my "card" which is resizable. If my content is an iframe. The resize is block if you try to resize diagonally.

More information about my problem here:

And a jsfiddle with the problem of resize (try to resize the biggest "card" diagonally):

A jsfiddle to describe the bug with JQuery only:

The problem is also present on v3.0.0-beta1 in the last example

#5201 notabug Hover + backgroundColor animation fails to update viewport in IE8 Kanuck Kanuck

I am using animate() to change a background colour. Here is the relevant snippet:

.hover(function() {
		.stop().animate({'backgroundColor' : '#DCDDDF'}, 100);
}, function() {
		.stop().animate({'backgroundColor' : '#F2F2F3'}, 250);

Unfortunately, in IE8—and only IE8—the effect does not work.

The value of background-color is being changed in the DOM, but the viewport isn't being updated; as soon as any other animation effect kicks in, the viewport updates.

I think the bug is in the UI effects core because changing backgroundColor to, say, opacity eliminates the issue. Animating opacity is handled by jQuery natively, whereas animating backgroundColor is handled by jQuery UI.

I've found a workaround that might shine some light on an eventual fix: chaining .fadeTo(1, 1) in front of the first stop() gives the renderer the kick in the pants it needs to work correctly. I expect it's causing core jQuery to do something necessary that jQuery UI is failing to do.

IE8 affected. IE7 mode, IE7, IE6, Safari, Firefox, Chrome all immune.

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