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#15166 fixed Helper/Item Overlap Detection Out of Alignment After Scroll Scott González A. Wells

After a sortable container is scrolled via helper drag activity, movement of the helper results in the placeholder being rearranged to an item that is not under the helper but to an item the same distance away as the scrolled distance. Continued helper drag activity results in a reset of positions and overlap detection returns to normal until scrolling is commenced again.

#15165 fixed Create _scroll extension point in sortable Scott González A. Wells

The ability to extend scroll based functionality in ui.sortable would be facilitated by moving the current scroll code in _mouseDrag to an extension point (such as _scroll).

Such an extension point would render the code more readable and manageable and provide the ability to check for scrolling in non native scrollable areas. As an example:

#15164 duplicate controlgroup bug in dialog AlgirdasR

When controlgroup is in a dialog, it is given an incorrect background-position css property because of .ui-widget-content class. In result an icon is shown inside a radio button despite it having a '.ui-icon-blank' class.

Here is a simple demo I've made:

Steps to reproduce: 1) Click on "ligthness" in both controlgroups.

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