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#7799 fixed Autocomplete regression - Cannot type '&' in IE and Chrome Antoine DESSAIGNE


I've just found a regression with the 1.9-m6 release: it is impossible to type a '&' in an autocomplete field.

This is due to this commit:

The problem is that the keyCode on the keydown event is different from the keycode from the keypress event. And thus, it mixed up the 'UP' arrow and the '&'

Here an analysis of the trouble:

Chrome 14 IE 9 Firefox 7
Can '&' be typed in autocomplete NO NO YES
'&' keydown code 49 49 49
'&' keypress code 38 38 0
'UP' keydown code 38 38 38
'UP' keypress code No event No event 38
keydown repeat (1) YES YES YES

(1) This indicates whether or not the keydown event is repeated when we keep the keyboard key down.

Since, when holding down a key, the keydown event is triggered multiple times in Firefox 7, I would remove all together the keyCode section handling in the keypress.autocomplete binding method.

Here is a sample demo code: I cannot use either jsFiddle nor jsbin since they don't have the latest version of jQuery UI. The autocomplete field helps seeing whether or not we can type the '&'. The text field displays the events when typing something.



#10043 notabug Sotrable issues Anurag

Hello, i am facing some problems with the sortable effect. In Chrome browser, when i select the element the item become hidden but sorting working fine and when i drop the selected element become visible.

#4818 wontfix Tabs: spinner option doesn't "just work" Anybody

There is a critical bug in the current Version of JQuery Ui Tabs:

As you can even see on the demo-page, the "Loading..." - Spinner of the ajax-tabs doesn't work at all!

The content is loading, but without any response while this operation is performing.

Please fix it asap or tell me, how to do a workaround!

The bug has already been reported by another user in this mailinglist:

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