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#2441 fixed 'missing' over event with nested droppables codesquare StrikerNL

There seems to be a bug in droppable, when multiple divs are nested and droppable.

The over event for a parent droppable only gets called once; it doesn't seem to get called when one moves into a child droppable and back into the parent droppable.

The out event for the child does get called. One could, using this, keep track of the droppables that are currently in an 'over' state, and so know when the draggable has moved back into the parent droppable.

Maybe this is by design, it doesn't make for convenient coding however.

My suggestion is to either make the over event be triggered when a draggable leaves a child droppable into a parent droppable, or make it a behaviour option.

I have created a testcase which can be found at (also attached as

The left frame shows the situation as it is now, the right frame shows how I'd prefer it to be. To test it, simply drag the draggable over the droppables and observe the 'over' and 'out' events that get called.

The code I wrote to make the 'fixed' version can be found in ui.droppable.fixed.js. I have also included a patch against jquery ui 1.5b (droppable.patch). I'm not sure if it's good enough for inclusion, someone more expert will have judge that.

Thanks for this great jquery plugin and your time!

#3703 fixed 'startValue' option or 'start' option of handler of ui slider has no any effect under Safari vladm

I just put this in my html and run this code in Safari, but the handler was stayed on beginning of the slidebar:

        min: 160,
        max: 640,
        startValue: 400
<div id='width_slider' class='ui-slider' style="margin:10px;"><div class="ui-slider-handle"></div></div>

You can also see this 'effect' on the your demo. When page is loading, the second handler stayed on 0 instead of 100...

#5510 fixed 'ui.tabs' shows multiple tabs when clicking rapidly pulpulpullie

If a user clicks on a second tab before the animation of the first tab is done, the content of both tabs will be shown.

I've attached a file to demonstrate this issue.

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