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#15161 notabug Bower and Google CDN files are different huan086

jquery-ui.min.js obtained from Bower is different from that obtained from by a backslash character in line 7 column 12704.

I'm computing the subresource integrity hash using the file from Bower, in order to ensure that the same file on Google isn't tampered with. The missing backslash character on the Google version seems to be an unintentional tampering.

#15157 fixed Can focus menu dividers with the keyboard Scott González klmcdorm

If a menu has a divider as the first or last item, it can be focused using the keyboard. Reproduction steps:

  1. Click on the input box and press Tab to focus on the menu.
  2. Move focus to the last menu item by pressing the down arrow key.
  3. Try to move focus back to the first menu item by pressing down again.
  4. Focus moves to the divider before the first item instead. In the menu's focus event, ui.item is the divider.

This also happens when moving up from the first item, or when using Page Up or Page Down.
Tested on Windows 7 with Chrome 56.0.2924.87, Firefox 52.0.1, and Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18537.

#15156 notabug When extending menu widget, calling this._super() on focus event causes error Frank Ali

Calling this._super() on the focus event when extending the menu widget causes 'e is undefined' error.

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