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#3608 notabug Incorrect Calendar in Datepicker Apreche

The jquery ui datepicker has an incorrect calendar. Go to the demo page @ and open any of the datepickers to the month of November, 2008. You will notice that both Sunday and Monday are both listed as November the 2nd. This results in the rest of the month being incorrect as well. Today is Wednesday November 19, 2008, but the datepicker has November 19 on a Thursday because all the dates have been pushed forward by one.

For some reason this error does not carry over to the month of December. Only November 2008 seems to be broken, but I imagine there might be other months with similar errors.

#3610 fixed Error in french l18n file for ui.datepicker Arnaud

There's mistakes in the french file ui/i18n/ui.datepicker-fr.js:

  • first day of the week is monday:

-typo: "Voir un autre année" should be "Voir une autre année"

  • missing text for clearStatus
  • char 'o' in dateStatus is replaced by day's number so I removed "Choisir" from the text because of the "o"
#7460 notabug Internet Explorer - suggestion list does not disapear if scrollbar was used Arro

Problem was previously described here:[email protected]/msg52242.html but ticket corresponding to it was deleted. I am currently using jQuery v1.4.2 and AUTOCOMPLETE 1.1 but I also tested it with jQuery v1.6.1.

Problem exists in Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

Description of the problem and steps to reproduce from link mentioned above:

  1. Enter something in the text box that provides suggestions
  2. Let the suggestion list appear with scroll bars.
  3. Use the scroll bar to scroll down or up (this step is very important)
  4. Now click on anywhere outside the suggestion list. Ideally the suggestion list should disappear but I see that the suggestion list just sits there unless you select something from the list
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