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#15155 duplicate Checkbox tick colour wrong in many themes Kevin Broadey

Go to, scroll down to the Controlgroup sample and click on the "Insurance" checkbox. The tick comes and goes in black as you click, which is what you'd expect. (Though, to be really picky, I'd want to see it turn grey on the button-down event before going blank on button-up, but I digress...)

Now use the Gallery to try different themes. In some cases you can't see the tick because its in the same colour as the background. For example...

UI lightness: icon background is a dark yellow and the tick cannot be seen

UI darkness: tick is barely-visible grey on white, and changes to white-on-white on hover. Turns black on button-down in transition from ticked to unticked.

Start: barely-visible blue on white, changing to very visible blue on white on hover.

Le Frog: white-on-white at all times

Dark Hive: barely-visible grey-on-white, changing to white-on-white on hover. Strong black on button-down on transition from ticked to unticked.

At this point I stopped checking!

Tested on a MacBook Pro 2016 running macOS Sierra 10.12.3. Google Chrome 56.0.2924.87 Firefox 51.0.1 Safari 10.0.3

#15154 notabug Autocomplete, change event doesn't fire when clear field after selection but still keeping the focus on it maglioccola

I provided a simple snippet, please see:

When I put the string 'value' in the editable field, autocomplete appears correctly, so I can select one value and put it in the textbox with id hiddenField. Then, if I clear the value in the textbox, I can't update the related hiddenField with a blank value, because change event doesn't fire. Why?

Steps to test snippet:

Write 'value' in the editable field

  • Select one value
  • Clear the selected value
  • hiddenField will still contain old value.


Note: It doesn't work when I clear the field after selection but still keeping the focus on it.

#15153 notabug pathname of tabs widget presents in the browser statusbar on hover kc64

The pathnames of members of a tabs widget are presented in the browser status bar on hover. This should not be the case as it detracts from the web application look-and-feel.

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