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#9386 patcheswelcome Creating button set causes error if other type of input with same name found LordHamwich LordHamwich

Versions: jQuery 1.9.1, jQuery UI 1.9.2, jQuery Migrate 1.2.0

Affected: FF, Chrome, IE

Error message: cannot call methods on button prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'widget'

Description: Creating a button set from radio buttons inside a div, using div as a selector ($("#div").buttonset();) causes errors and graphical glitching in the button set if - for any reason - another input with a different type (in my test case hidden) sharing the same name as aforementioned radio buttons is found on the same form.


#15133 notabug Combobox Selection is not readable when the combobox has ascented characters Madasamya Madasamya

In my combo box i have used an item name as Template Stéréo. When selecting this string the selected value is not readable. If i have chinese and japanese characters it works fine. It doesn't work for the characters like this é.

My code as below.

<div class="ui-widget">
<input id="ddlTemplateHybrid" runat="server" class="dropDownCustomFullWide inputHalfWidth inputTextBox" />
<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlTemplate" Visible="true" style="visibility:hidden" Width="0px" class="form-control" runat="server"   CssClass="dropDownCustomFullWide inputHalfWidth inputTextBox">

            function pageLoad() {
                $(function () {
                        src: "ProfileEditorQC.aspx/GetProfileListForDropDown",
                        sel: "ProfileEditorQC.aspx/SetProfileListForDropDown"


            function GetSelectedTemplateDropDownValue() {
//Below statement return 0 when the string has such characters 
                var dropdownValue = $('#<%=ddlTemplate.ClientID%>').val();
                return dropdownValue;
#8673 wontfix Tabs: setting data in beforeLoad doesn't work Mamen Mamen

In earlier versions additional data could be sent with data parameter. With increased control of ajaxSettings and jqXHR, this should be easier now. But it doesn't work. Consider the following code:

	beforeLoad: function(event, ui){
		//To add additional data = "bar";
		//OR overwrite all data = {foo: "bar"};

As a work around you could write this:

	beforeLoad: function(event, ui){
		ui.ajaxSettings.url += "&foo=bar";

However the latter has several disadvantages, and may not work without additional code. (Such as checking if & or ? should be used)

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