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#9674 invalid (resizable) alsoResize will also resize height when you only have a east handle rene___ rene___

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. Scenario: a data grid, with resizable columnheaders, { handles: "e", alsoResize: ".column0" }

I resize my header column, my columns also get resized, very usable, but since my header columns have a different height then my data columns, not so usable after all. Although I can only change the width with my 'east handles', the height property is still copied to my data columns specified in 'alsoResize'. I really don't see how this is something usefull.

#4669 fixed *DEPRECATED* Dialog: beforeclose option should be beforeClose Scott González
#5283 notabug *FIX* for reset event in ui.button with custom themes mixir

add new line after 60 line in /jquery.ui.button.js with code:

$( this ).blur();

56  .bind( "mouseleave.button", function() { 
57                                 if ( options.disabled ) { 
58                                         return; 
59                                 } 
60                                 $( this ).removeClass( hoverClass ); 
61                                 $( this ).blur(); /// Button custom themes reset fix
62                         })

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