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#1790 fixed After removing an active tab tabset becomes inoperable klaus klaus

Switch to first tab or next tab to the left?

#1791 fixed selectables not selectable by click codesquare agrajag

Current selectables are not selectable by the "standard" select-methods; single-click for one, ctrl+click for additional and shift-click for range.

Having to drag a rectangle to select a single item is unconventional and uncommon to the point that most users will not even understand that they -can- select the items.

#1792 notabug widget:tablesorter shift-click twice problem agrajag

There is a problem in Tablesorter if using FF

You can sort by multiple columns by holding shift and clicking them one after another. However, if you hold shift and click twice on the *same* column-header, the column-header permanently disappears.

I'm guessing this ain't intended behaviour. :-)

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