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#8685 invalid Tabs: Get the active panel in tab Mamen Mamen

It would be useful with a method which returns the active (open) tab (if any). I see several possible ways to achieve this. One is to make _getPanelForTab(tab) public. Another way is to make a custom method getActiveTab();

Same thing for the accordion widget.

#3732 invalid Demo: Resizable ghost 'title bar' changes height Marc Diethelm Marc Diethelm

Might be related to #3719.

When resizing the box in the ghost section of the Resizable demo the inner content, ie. the orange box is taller than the original.

This is probably not specific to the demo. But don't have time to test right now, just documenting here.

#8132 notabug Content loaded via html and used in dialog becomes duplicated Mathachew Mathachew

I have a table with a list of users and some of the information. When selecting a user, a sidebar is displayed with more detailed information about that user, pulled via ajax. Among the content that is loaded, one of the buttons will bring up a modal whose content is also loaded in the sidebar. Once I close the modal, pull up the next user and try to bring up the same modal, it comes up fine. However, I am unable to close the modal by calling $().dialog('destroy'). Upon inspecting the html, I noticed that the element that was loaded existed twice since the modal moves the element outside of the parent in which it was originally contained.

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