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#1922 fixed Option "unselected: true" in conjunction with Ajax tabs behaves incorrectly klaus klaus
  • "cache: false" does not get considered

  • one tab gets loaded, although all tabs hidden and not necessary
#1923 fixed shadow enhancements, optimizations and clean-ups paul brandon

I've attached a diff that includes a few optimizations, enhancements and general clean-ups of the code.

  • Saved bytes where possible
  • Renamed some variables to better match jQuery standards
  • Used jQuery.extend to map options
  • Reduced the number of calls to css
  • Removed browser detection
  • Added monitor option which defaults to false. Monitoring the element to keep the shadow in-tact is buggy and not cross browser. We shouldn't do it by default until there is better support.
  • The shadow method can be called multiple times on the same element to "rebuild" the shadow if the element has changed and is not being monitored.
  • The offset now matches the value passed in

BTW ... the test page is using and xml prologue which is throwing IE into quirks mode and is why the position _looks_ to be miscalculated. Putting the test page in standards mode resolves this issue but causes issues for the drag handles.

The monitoring in Opera does some pretty crazy stuff!

Tested using the test page in IE 6 and 7, FF 1.5 and 2, Safari 3 and Opera 9.24

#1924 fixed UI Draggables (and perhaps others?) locations are off when parent element has a border paul rbrackett

When a draggable's positioned parent (referenced as options.pp) has a border, the new position is off by +1 pixel. This occurs each time the draggable is dragged and is most apparent when using the "grid" option. The error that causes this is repeated in many places, three of which I have identified (though there might be more):

ui.mouse.js, line 167-168:

this.pos[0] -= o.po.left; this.pos[1] -=;

ui.mouse.js, line 222-223 (same code):

this.pos[0] -= o.po.left; this.pos[1] -=;

ui.draggable.ext.js, line 198-199:

[won't detail the code here because it's quite long]

In all cases, extra space that might be created by a border is not accounted for in options.po and is in draggable.pos, creating a discrepancy and ultimately moving the draggable over.

An easy solution might be to add in the border width in those places, like so:

this.pos[0] -= o.po.left + (parseInt(jQuery.css(o.pp, "borderLeftWidth")) this.pos[1] -= + (parseInt(jQuery.css(o.pp, "borderLeftWidth"))

but that is definitely not ideal, since it is both repeated in multiple places and slow if done multiple times.

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