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#4376 notabug ui.tags add method not consistent with _tabify biaggi

Despite you can use any html code in the tabs with the tabTemplate option, the _tabify method is looking for ul to insert new tabs when add method is called.

You can reproduce this error using the tabTemplate example:

A workaround is to extend the class and overwrite that method updating that two lines with the html element you choose.

A good solution i guess would be to parse the tabTemplate option to get from there the element you need to look for.

Best regards

#7493 wontfix ui.tabs: load event does not work as expected foomaster

Hi there,

the property of the load event does not seem to work.

Expected to work:

  load: function(e, ui) {"span").html("Test");

but the content of the tab remains unchanged.

This works (the tabs DIV has id="tabs"):

  load: function() {
    $("#tabs .ui-tabs-loading span").html("Test 2");


  <div id="tabs">
      <li><a href="some/URL"><span>Tab 1</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="other/URL"><span>Tab 2</span></a></li>

Seems the tab property is not initialized properly.


#1713 notabug ui.tabs.js is insert class "ui-tabs-nav" automatic winggundamth

ui.tabs.js insert class "ui-tabs-nav" automatic in $j('#pages-nav').tabs(); selector tag but I don't want to because sometime people want to customize thier theme manually.

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