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#8743 invalid tiles in maps dont show correctly with jquery ui based theme Matsglobetrotter Matsglobetrotter

I am using Openlayers and Views to show maps with the baselayers from Mapbox. While the maps render perfect in other themes there is errors when done so with Sigma One jquery themes. There is column separation of one pixel between tiles and a row separation of about 20 pixels showing inside the map. Am not sure where the error would be if it is the core or just a CSS theme bug

#8756 fixed Resizable: Complex markup for handles MatteS75 MatteS75

Creating a handle with an inner element renders the resize handle useless.

  1. Create a resizable div with an inner div with the handle classes setup
  2. Add another div inside the handle div
  3. Initialize the resizable

Now the resizable handle does not work. Removing the inner div, and it does work.


#4894 notabug Form fields inside dialog are not accessible to JAWs screen reader Maureen Patterson Maureen Patterson

The input fields inside the dialog in the demo at are not accessible to popular screen reader JAWs.

I am also using jqueryui 1.7.2 and dialog 1.7.2 as directed and can not get JAWs to read the input fields.

Please advise.

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