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#1926 fixed ui.dialog.js doesn't render the dialog correctly rdworth tonyqus

The dialog in doesn't render correctly as shown in "Demo and samples" page( Moreover, the version of ui.dialog.js in "Demo and samples" page is different from the release version of the ui.jquery 1.0.

Moreover, while trying to use buttons options, $(this).dialogClose() will raise a javascript error. The problem occurs because the parameter el is a button instead of the div element of the dialog, which is not expected. However, the code in the "demo and samples" page always works well and the el is always the div element (never become the button such as 'ok' or 'cancel').

#1927 fixed Add dialog open and close callbacks rdworth rworth

Please add callback options for handling dialog open and close events.

#1929 fixed An href with just the value of "#" incorrectly results in a remote tab klaus klaus

The value of "#" is of course useless anyway but the plugin should take care of that and throw an error and/or skip the link.

Related code looks like:

if (a.hash && a.hash.replace('#', '')) {

// remote tab
else {

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